Monday, March 11, 2013

Last Day With My Man

Hey people! Oh man I know it's been a while. There is no pardon for the lazy blogger, I know. I owe you guys if any of you still read my blog.

The past few months my days have been consumed by my music college, plus additional gigs, band practices and works from day to night, all week long. Some days I barely get a moment to collect myself. Unfortunately, my outfit creativity has been lacking substance because of this, and the cold weather and snow storms we've had this year sure don't allow for funky winter tights or heels as much.

Thankfully, my busy life was joyfully interrupted by my boyfriend Ryan Demaree who stayed with me through the majority of this month of March. He will be going to Art College here in Toronto Canada next year and moving up here to live with me! He had a brief trip up here to take care of his art college portfolio audition as well as other admissions matters. If all goes well we should be getting ready to move in together in September of this year! I am so happy, this will be a dream come true.

His last day here was yesterday. We went on one of our usual walks and took advantage of an early day of Spring and walked through snowy forest swamps haha. We took some pictures just for fun.
I am so lucky to have Ryan. It's going to be difficult getting used to not having him to come home to, now that he is gone for a little while, but I guess we both have to return to our busy lives until we are together next.

If any of you have any relationships or are working towards one, or are even on a long distance relationship, then I bid you good luck! Don't give up and work hard for the things you two want to share! Peace and love and happiness to you all :)

Love - Ginela

I am wearing:

Black sweater.....Roxy (old)
Maxi skirt ...... Gift from mom

Also, if you have some time, would you guys mind checking out my boyfriend's work on his websites?
I think you might quite enjoy his work! So you can get a little more of a taste of who my boyfriend is :)
Have a lovely day people!

Gotta remember to hug them trees!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Closet winner

Greetings friends! It's awfully cold outside! But I was going through my closet today
and I found this dress. I had bought it almost 3 years ago. At the time I was a lot  more of a heavier girl, and I took it out today and wore it. It fits magically. I guess I am wearing it to celebrate my change in fitness perhaps? Anyhow, this vintage dress is a work of art, and it's black velvet too!

 I believe I bought it that long time ago at a Good Will store. Luckily there is a goodwill store right by my college!! I'm so lucky to have it there, but it is oh sooo tempting on my wallet!

Anyways, I just wanted to share it with you lovely ladies on the inter-webs!
You never know what beauties you will find in the thrift stores, so keep your eyes pealed ;)

Off shoulder detail black velvet dress........... Thrifted from Good Will
Mint Floral Simple Minds heels..................... Purchased from Office Shoes

Vibrant Tights

Hey there! Making an attempt to post more regularly! 
Perhaps the blogging frenzy will last me a little a bit! 

My goodness, it has snowed endlessly, there's hills of snow stationed everywhere all around town! 
Cars can't come out of their parking spots and little dogs are covered up to their necks when they walk in the snow! But I'm not complaining at all. I love the snow, all one needs to combat it are a pair of trusty boots. I've lived in Canada for 11 years, and it hasn't snowed this well throughout since early 2002- 2003. This is the real Canada showing up saying "remember me"? Hahah. 

Here's a pic of my dad's (my future little car) car all huddled by snow giants around!

Incredible eh?
Well how is everyone else's winters going? Have you been bombarded by any snow blizzards?

Do you enjoy the snow yourselves? Let me know in a comment :)
 I recently purchased some new tights from H&M. They are a very bright orange, but for some reason most people see them as a bright red, and so does my phone camera.
Any who I paired them up with this weird-some outfit which I was a little un-brave to wear to school, but anyways, I did, and sweet compliments came my way :) Mostly for the tights and dress!


Black & floral sleeveless dress ......Vintage
White undershirt ............................Vintage (used to be my mother's when she was young)
Bright orange/red tights ................Purchased at H&M
Black ankle strap wedges ..............Purchased at Sirens

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bowler hats chase away the rainy day blues

Hey there everyone! I should get an award for the least active blogger ever hahah. Like I often say, when you go to Music College, blogging usually tends to come last after all the perks of keeping up with being a musician, but I am loving it :)

So little darlings! How is everyone doing? I hope you all had  great christmases and new years. I sure did. This winter season I got a whole full month with my boyfriend. And just like he did last year, he helped me this year to decorate my house for christmas and make a wonderful christmas tree. I am really lucky to have him ^_^.

Anywho, this is an outfit from a little while back that I had failed to post, I just wanted to share it with you :)

I am wearing:

Black dress ~ thrifted
Black Bowler Hat ~ Big it Up
Polka-dot heels ~ Forever  21
Ruby tights ~ Walmart

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Orange in the Fall

These days I've been taking my orange skirt out for a walk a lot. The weather has been chilly at night but just dandy and sunny for walking in the daytime :). I really wear it everywhere haha, perhaps I should stop before someone picks up on it! The trees outside are swaying in gorgeous colours like a gypsy twirling in a her gypsy skirt, man Autumn is just a beauty everywhere you look. That's why I'm really happy to live in a country like Canada, where you have all these gorgeous seasons each year. My native country Cuba has no Autumn or Winter and unfortunately they never get to experience the colour changing leaves like up here. The sun and wind are paring up and making all the leaves dance today. It makes me so very happy ^_^.

Anyways, enough of that! I would like to share a new piece with you guys that my boyfriend has completed! It is called "Confronting Inevitability" - by my boyfriend - Ryan Demaree. If any of you would like to read an in depth description of the meaning behind HERE on his blog you may do so. It is very thought provoking, contrasting, and  reflective on the tragedy of 9/11 and the advancement of our species. My boyfriend suggests we should not be committing terrorist acts based on religion and economics and what not, bombarding one another, when instead we could be focusing on pushing our planet foreword and elevating our species to eventually be able sustain our planet and even visit and be part of other planetary systems in the universe. I think he's got a great point. Have yourself a looksie at his post! I guarantee you won't be disappointed :)

Other than my boyfriend's great new painting, I also wanted to share my outfit with you :)
I am wearing a fully thrifted outfit as often seems to be the case, no more than 5$ spent on each piece, which I love. We don't need much consumerism in the world! Especially when we can recycle and enjoy older garments! These are the first time I take out my 1950's heels out to public and walk around in them, they are pretty fantastic white sling-backs I found at a Good Will store a while back. They looked like they belonged in a Museum, so I couldn't leave them behind :) I alternate between leaving my hair up and down in these shots, can't make up my mind haha. Also check out my unicorn necklace in the last shot! It is absolutely one of my favourite neck pieces, gotta believe in unicorns man ;)

Button pale floral blouse - Thrifted
Salmon skirt - Thrifted
White 50's sling-back heels - Thrifted 
Unicorn necklace - Gift from a friend

Farewell for now! 
Peace & Love everyone! :)