Friday, February 8, 2013

Vibrant Tights

Hey there! Making an attempt to post more regularly! 
Perhaps the blogging frenzy will last me a little a bit! 

My goodness, it has snowed endlessly, there's hills of snow stationed everywhere all around town! 
Cars can't come out of their parking spots and little dogs are covered up to their necks when they walk in the snow! But I'm not complaining at all. I love the snow, all one needs to combat it are a pair of trusty boots. I've lived in Canada for 11 years, and it hasn't snowed this well throughout since early 2002- 2003. This is the real Canada showing up saying "remember me"? Hahah. 

Here's a pic of my dad's (my future little car) car all huddled by snow giants around!

Incredible eh?
Well how is everyone else's winters going? Have you been bombarded by any snow blizzards?

Do you enjoy the snow yourselves? Let me know in a comment :)
 I recently purchased some new tights from H&M. They are a very bright orange, but for some reason most people see them as a bright red, and so does my phone camera.
Any who I paired them up with this weird-some outfit which I was a little un-brave to wear to school, but anyways, I did, and sweet compliments came my way :) Mostly for the tights and dress!


Black & floral sleeveless dress ......Vintage
White undershirt ............................Vintage (used to be my mother's when she was young)
Bright orange/red tights ................Purchased at H&M
Black ankle strap wedges ..............Purchased at Sirens

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