Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Warm Summer Nights, Warm Summer Walks

Greetings to my three followers! You must be thinking, dam, this cuban is a hell of a LAZY poster!
Well that I am a bit, and my lame but true excuse yet again stated, school is eating up my life like a bus eats the road!!


Any who, its been very warm these past few days. I feel like Cuba's heat has transferred up to Toronto Canada! On warm summer nights like these, my mom and I have acquired a taste for going on walks at night. You wouldn't believe it but, plenty of things go on at night! If its clear, the night sky has plenty of summer attractions, Saturn and Mars are out, as well as some epic stars like Vega and Sirius. Also, occasionally you will see a shooting star, which we were lucky to find lat night, and sometimes even you see the Satellite or International Space Station go by! It looks like a great big white star passing the whole sky. Something else that's really wicked at night, is somehow the scent of flowers and trees give off much more intensely, I don't know why, but as you're walking by people's gardens or the park, its crazy how many wonderful floral smells you will be picking up. I love it ^_^.
I didn't get any images of the night walk, but here I post some inspirational photography :)


Last night my mother and I even saw a bunny! We walked by him just chilling there in the grass in front of my old school, and to try to get his attention my mother and I started singing to him. That's right, two strange women singing to bunnies at night hahaha. We sang The Beatles to him as well as Mocedades. T'was quite fun. We're the night bunny troubadours haha.


So, these garments here are what I wore on our night walk. Not dressed up for anyone or anything, just for the stars to check out a little earthling like me hhaaha. 

Backless Top - Thrifted
White Eyelet Skirt & Petticoat - Thrifted
Blue Floral Heels - Office Shoes

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A clip from Almost Famous

This is one of my favourite movies next to Forest Gump.

Hahaha I love this soooo much ^_^. 
Zoey's best line she's ever said in my opinion XD

Friday, June 8, 2012

Picking out the gig garments

Hello magical bloggers! I apologize I haven't posted anything for a while. School has kept me at bay and hasn't set me loose to let me go about my favourite shenanigans. Its a lame excuse, but College is consuming my life and so is music, so what can I do haha, its valid. 

Any old who, Friday night I shall be performing with my band 3Peace downtown Toronto at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe! I am quite excited as this will be an upscale/bar/ venue performance for us! I even drew up a psychedelic poster to attract an audience around my school :) And hay, if you're in the area maybe you could pop by ;). If not, just come visit in spirit haha :) We play classic rock covers mostly and are working on some more originals, but thankfully as a band we all share an enormous love for the past of Rock n' Roll, and we intend to revive it so that it is never forgotten among us young children. The older crowd loves it for sure. Its as nostalgic as for them as it is for us.

Since its a fancier venue, I think I will dress it up a bit more this time. So again with another red garment! Jeez this blog is seeing a lot of red lately! I'm picking out this outfit tonight for the gig tomorrow. Its a vintage red captain/stewardess dress that I picked up at the Good Will a long time ago. Its been sitting in my closet waiting to be taken for a night out. I paired up with my old black satin ankle strap heels, as well as a bit of red lipstick.

Oh and I forgot to mention! The newest addition to my life is my dandy fringe bangs, which my lovely friend Tyler Simpson home cut for me one night she slept over :) She did a fine job. Although, you cannot tell their fine crafted symmetry in these pics, tis because I've been too lazy to straighten/iron them hahah. 
Anyhow, let me know if you dig 'em on me or not! 

Cheers lovely bloggers! 
Hope to see you around! 
Peace & Love :)

I'm a woman with bangs now! What do ya say I keep 'em or not? :P

Here's a link to the Facebook event to our band's gig tomorrow night :)
as well as a few youtube videos I have, more shall be coming as soon as I get some time to post them up :)

And here for some of the music we play on youtube. Have yourself a listen and let me know if you're diggin it! Or if you think my stage prescience is funny! Or any suggestions :)