Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mint and Salmon

Sorry out here to anyone who reads this blog! I haven't posted as regularly as I had intended to! My intentions haven't defeated the busy elements that dominate my life at the moment, thus I've been focusing on school and been putting my frivolous interests to the side! Nevertheless, today was a gorgeous day out and I did nothing more than try to match the happiness of the graceful weather! Graceful weather meaning it was 17 degrees out and sunny, in the middle of March! Not the usual end to a history of awful winter endings up here in Canadaland. Anyhow I got out my mint top with polkadots and my salmon skirt, and wore them with my floral blue heels! I didn't actually wear that little ribbon to school today but thats just a hint of frivolity for the purpose of the blog pictures. I was as happy as the grace of the sun ^_^. Don't know why but I'm diggin on minty and salmon colours together, even tho food-wise it wouldn't taste very good! Haha. Well that's all folks! I bid you all excellent endings to your winters, and may we all dig out our spring clothes in hopes of sunny new beginnings :)
Cheers! Ginela

Minty/blue polkadot shirt ~ Thrifted 
Salmon flare skirt ~ Thrifted
Blue floral heels ~ Purchased fro Office Shoes UK 


  1. love the music corner of your house :D

    love the fun outfit :)

  2. Aww thank you kindly! Much magic happens in the music corner!

  3. You are too kind my lady! Your blog is looking fabulous as always too :)


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