Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bit of a far-out ensemble

Hi there! This week I received something very sweet in the mail, from the land of many fairytales- the UK! Lo and behold my Floral Simple Minds heels arrived from Office Shoes! They are quite a frivolous pair, and to my surprise, very comfortable for their towering heel size. Anyways, I was feelin' groovy and I decided to device a weird outfit to compliment the shoes. So it went. I dug out my rare pastel pink coat/dress thing, made some ribbon bows, and did up my invisible bangs, rockabilly style. And this is what came out! The outfit is a bit far out, and I would need to grow some lady balls of courage to wear this out in public. But who knows! I might debut it someday haha.
Here goes!

Thrifted ~ tagged "Edie Johne's Separate Story."
Simple Minds Blue Floral Heels ~ purchased from Office Shoes (UK).
Blue hand made hair bows and pearly earrings.



  1. Hi Ginela!! My name is Kacie. I have been searching for those Office shoes forever! Did you just get them? I thought they were out of stock! I am DYING to get a pair for my wedding. Please please give me any information you can!! I apprecaite it so much!

  2. Hey there Kacie! Yes I just received my Office Simple Minds Floral Heels in the mail this week, but I had ordered them a little over a month ago. They took a little long to get to Canada from the UK, and I also had to pay service duty tax charges when they were shipped to Vancouver before they could send them to me here in Toronto. So they held them at Vancouver for a few weeks until I could pay the charges.

    Unfortunately when I bought them from Office online, they were almost sold out and they just had a few left remaining pairs. I checked the site now, and they don't have the floral pairs any more, just plain black and dark olive ones. So yes the Floral ones have been out of stock for a while now. I apologise :( !

    I tried to look online for more places they sell it and I found Amazon also sells them but they re also out of the blue Floral, they only have the black and a dark plain blue pair.

    If they are your dream wedding shoes I'd be willing to lend them to you if you're a size 10!

    Cheers and good luck, and congratulations on your wedding!

    Let me know if there's anything more I can do to help!
    Love, Ginela.

  3. I found an alternative to these Mary Jane floral pump if you are interested! Don't know if they would match your dress!


  4. You are the SWEETEST thing EVER Ginela! I appreciate all your information and adore you for being so helpful!!! I think I may have found a knockoff pair but they are from China... so we will see what they are like when they get here. Here's the site link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Blue-Vintage-Floral-Wallpaper-Fashion-High-Heel-Platform-Stiletto-Pump-Shoe-/250979180084?pt=US_Women_s_Shoes&hash=item3a6f865e34 Tell me what you think! Thank you lady, and stay sweet. I'll keep reading and be in touch ;)
    XoXo! Kacie.

  5. Hey Kacie wow you are the real sweet woman here! Thank you so much for commenting and staying in touch! Really warms my heart :). I'm really diggin' your knock off pair, they seem to be a more pale mint color than my pair, but I think the shade you got for yours would compliment a wedding dress even better! And hey don't feel bad because mine say they're made in China even though they are from Office UK! Haha. Wow Im super pumped for you, I bet you are going to look ever so magical! I wish I could sing for you at your wedding! Hope you have much fun in such frivolous shoes and you feel great and look amazing for the love of your life. Good luck! :)
    Peace and love and happiness !

  6. I found yet another vendor of these shoes! Don't know if its too late! :P Just in case though here they are!


  7. Hey really sorry but neither of them are in my size (8) do you know if there are any other vendors?
    any help would be greatly appreciated but if not then no worries thank you


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