Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer calls for lazy clothing arrangements sometimes!

Greetings everyone! Yesterday was a gorgeous day! I didn't greet it with a sweetly planned outfit however, I wasn't in the mood to give the frivolous world of fashion a shout, so I just got into my semi-cropped black T, jean skirt, and Docs and went out for a walk in the noon with my mother and grandma who happened to be over. We went out back to the woods in search of wild raspberries, but sadly we found them mostly gone, hopefully in all the animals' bellies now. I just wanted to share a more lazy outfit with you guys. I wish I had myself a good camera to shoot, I can't believe I let my point and shoot fall down the stairs XD. Oh oh. I am tempted to break out my film camera and take shots with it, but I would need much assistance with it as well as purchasing prints and scanning them all the time, which I just don't have the money for yet. But worry not folks! I am on the search for a camera solution! For now my crappy laptop cam will do its humble job, and the epic outfits shall wait in my closet to be exhibited in the great delight of a more capable lens. Till then, this is all I got.
Cheers, love and peace and good luck to you all! I do hope you are enjoying your summers in grace and cheers and don't have to be in school like me! 
Happiness to you all :)

This whole outfit was thrifted.
- except the boots, they are my one and only Doc Martins purchase

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