Thursday, January 12, 2012

1st Post & Greetings

Greetings ladies, gentlemen, faeries, dragons, aliens, and anyone else who decides to stop by my site! You are all welcome here! Thanks kindly for stopping by :)

This here shall be my very first post for this new blog I've created named Sugar Magnolia. I have named it accordingly because it was the song I was listening to continuously while writing this post, thank you Grateful Dead for existing on Earth ;). Hopefully the outcome of this blog will be as lovely as the repeated lyrics "sunshine daydreams" in the Sugar Magnolia song ^_^.

To tell you a bit about myself, the most you need to know is that I am the very happy soul of an 18 year old who still believes in faeries! Yes, it's true. Other than just living for the sake of survival, which I might say is quite comfortable nowadays,  I also like enjoy the frivolous things in life.

One of these sources of frivolity is vintage fashion. For a few years now I have been following all sorts of ladies and their magical little vintage fashion blogs. To me they are the most sugary coated past time I will indulge in. 

Thus, since I enjoy them vintage blogs so much, and I'm collecting a few vintage pieces myself, I thought, why not make my own blog of the same purpose?

So here I am trying to give it a go.
Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading and much peace to all :)


  1. Good luck! And hey, welcome back :)

  2. MISSA!!!!! WOW you are the sweetest ever! Thank you so much! I hope to be much more active this time. How goes everything?

  3. Hi! I noticed on your other blog that you go to MetalWorks for Vocal Performance. Would you mind giving some insight about the program and what kind of courses you take, if it's worth it, how you like it... Thank you!!

    1. Hi there darling anonymous! I would not mind giving you insight on the program at all! I am in the Music Performance and Technology program there for Vocal performance, and thus far its been absolutely WONDERFUL. For a girl like me its exactly what I needed. If you would like you can email me here, or if you are comfortable with it you can even add me on Skype, mine is this : ginelago

      and we can discuss any questions you may have, and I can tell you how all my courses are thus far! If you want I can even ask if they will allow me to take some pictures of the inside of the school and make a post about it so you can see! And if you need any additional information I could probably mail you their newsletters and information booklet!

      But yes, thank you so much for the comment and let me know how I may contact you and tell you a bit more about the programs. I totally recommend it!



  4. Ya just wondering like what sorta courses you take and if there is a lot of vocal work? Is it worth it sorta thing? thanx

  5. Hey there sorry it took me a while to get to reply to you! I've been uber busy wit school!

    So here's what its like at Metalworks:
    I am in the MPTV program ( Music Performance and Technology- Vocal Major)
    The MPT program goes for 5 majors, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, and mine - voice. They pick 6 people for each major out of tons and tons of people that audition each year. They also offer 2 year Business Management sources for the music industry, as well as digital audio one year sources, and also Show Production Courses.

    In my vocal class we are going to be running through all different types of styles in the music industry and they are going to be giving us vital information and the tools singers need for being successful in the industry and getting gigs, as would be for each of the other majors.

    My other classes are
    -"Introduction to the Entertainment Industry" - we are learning about record label history and the industry's history so far.
    - "Principles of Sound and Acoustics" - so far learning about the physics of sound within spaces.
    - "Principals of Digital Audio" - we are learning how to use the program Protools for digital sound mixing
    - "Musicianship" - the class where we do all our singing and learning the different vocal styles
    -"Private lesson" - I get a free private lesson with a private instructor every Friday
    -"Music Theory and Composition" - learning basic music theory thus far.

    So yes! My week mainly consists of those courses. Let me know if you play any instruments and any questions you have regarding those, and if you'd like me to send you one of the school's catalogues and more info.

    For someone like me, I am definitely in love with the school. I am a singer wanting to go right into the Music Industry, so I didn't want to go into a Classical university program for 4 years and never get to have the tools to know about professional recording and performance. So when I heard about Metalworks I was very very happy to know that their two year program would give me all I needed. It is very fast paced though, with long hours every day because they are condensing much information into two years. But the faster the better in my opinion.
    I would definitely recommend this school, it is very worth it, if you are looking to be successful in the industry this is the right place for sure!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and let me know if theres anything else I can help with!
    Much love,


  6. Thank you soo much for all the info!! It is great to get a perspective from an actual student ! Awesome thanx for ur help!

  7. You are so very welcome and thanks for stopping by my blog! Let me know if there is anything else you need :)


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