Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A grey dress for a foggy day

Hey there! Here goes my very first vintage clothing post ever! And hey doing this has been kind of fun :) To anyone reading this who may have a clothing blog, I bid you happy posting! Leave me a link here below in the comments if you do and I shall follow you!

Anyhow back to the clothing side of things. Today it was quite so ever foggy outside up here in the GTA, Canada. I was rushing to get to school this morning, so I chose an easy to assemble outfit from my closet, that quite coincidentally turned out to be my grey/charcoal dress reflecting the fogginess outside. That, as well as my warm salmon sweater with little grey hearts and designs on it's V-neck line. 

And so off I was to my college! It was as wonderful as its been since I started this January. My college here is called Metalworks Institute of Sound and Music Production. Perhaps I shall do a little post on it sometime.   Other than that, nothing much special has happened today, but I did feel very lovely in my dresses, because dresses have a mind of their own and give your body a role and character to conquer the day! ;) Haha.

Charcoal dress with buttons - thrifted at Good Will
Salmon warm sweater cardigan with designs - thrifted at Talize
Burgundy tights - cannot remember origin of purchase
Black wedge platforms - purchased at Syrens

Tis all, see you around! I wish you all excellent winter days.


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