Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear summer, won't ya stay a little longer?

I had nothing to say for the time I took this post, so I had left it blank. I just appreciated what I wore that day and that was that haha.

Ever feel that way? :P

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Red Prairie Dress

Took out this little beauty today to wear because the day was dandy and sweet and I wanted to be all cheerful in red. Also got on my little ring -yang sphere necklace which actually makes a jingling sound! Hahah its quite magical. Not diggin' my bangs too much today, they have been persistently getting into my eyes! I can't wait till they grow back out, they have been fun, but I think they are in their annoying teen years now ahaha. I shouldn't talk, because I am still a teen. 

I am longing to take a long walk in the forest and sit on tree stomps and sing to the birds and squirrels in this dress, but I can't because I am busy completing projects and studying for a whole 2 weeks of exams coming up. Goodness gracious! I am scared, but I'm charging my brains with info and preparing to do my best on these! After that I am off to Ohio to see my boyfriend for a few days of vacation :)
I can't wait to see him, once this whole storm is over I get to go on magical forest walks with him and kiss and hold hands and all that fun stuff ^_^. Ohio woods are even more cool because they have little deers running around. Yaaay ^_^. Summer please grant me a safe and lovely trip! And grant all my wonderful readers a gorgeous week aswell :)

Peace and love!
-Ginela Gonzalez