Monday, March 11, 2013

Last Day With My Man

Hey people! Oh man I know it's been a while. There is no pardon for the lazy blogger, I know. I owe you guys if any of you still read my blog.

The past few months my days have been consumed by my music college, plus additional gigs, band practices and works from day to night, all week long. Some days I barely get a moment to collect myself. Unfortunately, my outfit creativity has been lacking substance because of this, and the cold weather and snow storms we've had this year sure don't allow for funky winter tights or heels as much.

Thankfully, my busy life was joyfully interrupted by my boyfriend Ryan Demaree who stayed with me through the majority of this month of March. He will be going to Art College here in Toronto Canada next year and moving up here to live with me! He had a brief trip up here to take care of his art college portfolio audition as well as other admissions matters. If all goes well we should be getting ready to move in together in September of this year! I am so happy, this will be a dream come true.

His last day here was yesterday. We went on one of our usual walks and took advantage of an early day of Spring and walked through snowy forest swamps haha. We took some pictures just for fun.
I am so lucky to have Ryan. It's going to be difficult getting used to not having him to come home to, now that he is gone for a little while, but I guess we both have to return to our busy lives until we are together next.

If any of you have any relationships or are working towards one, or are even on a long distance relationship, then I bid you good luck! Don't give up and work hard for the things you two want to share! Peace and love and happiness to you all :)

Love - Ginela

I am wearing:

Black sweater.....Roxy (old)
Maxi skirt ...... Gift from mom

Also, if you have some time, would you guys mind checking out my boyfriend's work on his websites?
I think you might quite enjoy his work! So you can get a little more of a taste of who my boyfriend is :)
Have a lovely day people!

Gotta remember to hug them trees!


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