Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wine & Vine Tights

Here lies what I wore today, for no particular reason :) haha. I decided to be a little funky and combine plain red tights with an overhang of a weaved pattern black tights. Together they remind me of the colour of deep red wine upon seeing them from afar. I just thought it was fun to couple the two and keep my legs warm. The rest of the outfit just makes me feel good and warm up here in Canadaland. 
Also I get to feature a hip peace symbol necklace! The awesome pendant was a gift from my boyfriend's brother Brandon. I finally found an outfit to wear it with. I read one time that peace symbols first started out in the 50's as a protest towards Nuclear Disarmament, in fact that's what the lines in the circle mean! Interesting eh? If you dig that fact perhaps you can do a little reading on it here?
Anyhow, tis all for today! 

Black mini sweater dress - A gift from my grandmother
Pattern vest - Thrifted, tagged Northern Traditions
Black ankle strap heels - Purchased from Sirens
Black pattern tights - Purchased from H&M
Red under tights - Cannot remember origin

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