Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An older outfit brought back to life, with bangs.

I picked this outfit out for school today feeling the need to cover my legs from the slight cold breezes of a rainy summer day. And later coming home from school I was scrambling through pictures and found an earlier photo shoot I had done of this very outfit since May! I had meant to post it but never did, so today I shall put it up! The only new addition to the outfit is that my hair has now front bangs, and believe it or not, I think gives a different quality to the whole ensemble. I kinda miss my rockstar no-bangs hair before, I could easily run my hands through my hair and push it back and do hair flips without having to worry about these funny little bangs standing on end and flopping around on my head haha. They are soon due to fade in length with the rest of my hair, I am growing them out. For now I will still enjoy them while I have them, they add to some outfits what they don't add to others. How do you feel about hair bangs and certain outfits? Let me know in a comment! 

Floral dress - Le Chateau
Pale purple under shirt - gift from grandmother
Brown boots - Global Shoes
White shell necklace - gift



Great talking to you folks! Have a lovely week! 
Peace and love
- Ginela 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer calls for lazy clothing arrangements sometimes!

Greetings everyone! Yesterday was a gorgeous day! I didn't greet it with a sweetly planned outfit however, I wasn't in the mood to give the frivolous world of fashion a shout, so I just got into my semi-cropped black T, jean skirt, and Docs and went out for a walk in the noon with my mother and grandma who happened to be over. We went out back to the woods in search of wild raspberries, but sadly we found them mostly gone, hopefully in all the animals' bellies now. I just wanted to share a more lazy outfit with you guys. I wish I had myself a good camera to shoot, I can't believe I let my point and shoot fall down the stairs XD. Oh oh. I am tempted to break out my film camera and take shots with it, but I would need much assistance with it as well as purchasing prints and scanning them all the time, which I just don't have the money for yet. But worry not folks! I am on the search for a camera solution! For now my crappy laptop cam will do its humble job, and the epic outfits shall wait in my closet to be exhibited in the great delight of a more capable lens. Till then, this is all I got.
Cheers, love and peace and good luck to you all! I do hope you are enjoying your summers in grace and cheers and don't have to be in school like me! 
Happiness to you all :)

This whole outfit was thrifted.
- except the boots, they are my one and only Doc Martins purchase

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gig Weekend

I am a struggling musician/singer. But boy is it fun to be a struggling musician/ singer :)
Hahah. This weekend I performed at the Monarch Tavern downtown toronto with the hispanic Uruguayan style band I am in called Magia Negra, and I also sang as a guest artist in my friend's band named Eon. Here are a few of the pictures! I am so lucky to know and perform alongside some incredible musicians. I am in so many music projects right now it might drive me crazy, but looks like that's the way it will be for a while. I am really happy to exist and to get to execute art very often :)

I was wearing a black mini dress and red heels from this post here.

I have a lot of music of my own that I need to start recording and putting out on the inter webs. I wonder when time will grant me a few hours to get it all done. But do stay tuned for that! 
Without further ado here's some of the pictures!

Monday, July 16, 2012

White Lace, you are my darling friend

Greetings there! I have done something really buthead -ish. A few days ago I let my tiny point and shoot camera drop down a few flights of stairs. The lens are completely messed up, I stole their ability to do anything. Poor little thing. How could I be so clumsy? Always been though, haha. Anyways, it happens. I've tried many many times to fix it, but I regret to say, its little lens life has ended.

Nevertheless, one has to make do with what one has! So I have turned to my trusty macbook and it will be taking my pictures for the next few months in till I can get another camera. Who knows when that will be, kind of a broke-ass musician right here :P. But until that glorious day until I can have some form of fair enough quality pictures, I will have to do with this webcam. Sorry if its painful for you guys :(

How's your life been by the way? Mine's been pretty opportune, disappointing and beautiful all at once, just how life likes to be. My most recent endeavour is I've entered a small Idol contest at our local Boston Pizza, which I will performing at every Tuesday for the summer, (that's if I make it to the very end without elimination). The grand prize is a total of 5000$ which is a fine number if I say so myself, as well as some recording time at my college/studio - Metalworks Institute. I have been lucky to have made it to the top 30 contestants, and as of tomorrow they will have eliminated 10 more. I would really like to win this. I sang "Try" by Janis Joplin for my audition, and the whole restaurant crowd really enjoyed themselves. Gotta love that Janis Joplin, man I loveeee that woman. She gave it all to music lovin' and just lovin' in general :) haha. 

I will be striking them with some excellent older Classic Rock and Blues and Motown songs soon. So what do you think? Perhaps you can shoot a little luck my way? Here's the event Facebook page below:

Other than that, the summer is passing me by. Wonderful flowers blooming everywhere, flirting with wasps, and I'm stuck in school flirting with 70% useful information haha. Yup, that's right folks, I'm enrolled in a year-round collage program that lends me no summer break at all. Darn musician knowledge thirst!

Today I wore my handy dandy white lace dress I purchased some time ago. I also have that peculiar little marble necklace with the ying-yangs. I'ts got a tiny cow bell inside and jingles everywhere haha.

White lace dress - Purchase from Costa Blanca
Patent black leather oxford heels - Thrifted from Good Will
Necklace - Gift 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Boyfriend's Artwork!

 The great abstract/surrealist painter of my generation Ryan Demaree, my boyfriend has made some incredible pieces recently. He has been very inspired by apes and evolution lately and has come up with a series of paintings involving these. He's also very inspired by the film The Truman Show and thus often includes apes with an opening via to an exterior world, much like Truman's escape from his realized live broadcasted TV Show. This live broadcast idea has really been a kicker in my boyfriends pieces lately, and he doesn't want to cease his new trend yet. He's been making some really fantastic work. Recently he's been reading up on the lives and techniques of Vincent Van Gogh as well as Rene Magritte's ability to make unrelated objects in seem familiar in a scene. Thus he most recently painted the piece "Contemplative Stupor". Here I'll list his paintings in order with the ape figure as a keen trend. Let me know what you guys think about it! Remember, any links to my boyfriends's accessible websites are posted on my side bar on the left. 
Let me know also if you have any questions about him! 
I'm a pretty lucky girl ;)

"Understanding Time" - by Ryan Demaree

"Species Differentiation - Darwinian Broadcast"- by Ryan Demaree

"Cosmic Broadcast [Last Transmission]" - by Ryan Demaree

"Behind the Scenes [Morning Broadcast]" - by Ryan Demaree

"Solar Broadcast [Transition]" - by Ryan Demare

"Contemplative Stupor" - by Ryan Demaree

Thats it for the ape figures so far! That last one he just completed a few days ago. You can see he is working with the exploitation and light and colour and impressionist -like paint strokes he has most recently been turned on by. I really dig that my boyfriend can tap into painters and styles from the past such as surrealism, cubism, impressionism and abstraction and teach me about the lives of painters he's learned about and their importance and stance in the timeline of visual art. And its totally wonderful how he's always developing his artwork even further and sharing it all with me ^_^.

You can see here some of the inspiration he's been drawing in:

The Truman Show escape:

(most recently) Vincent Van Gogh's impressionist technique

Let me know what you guys think and if you dig my man's work!
Cheers, see you around! :)

Love, Ginela 

With A Little Help From My Brother

Greetings to my three followers! Haha. Today I decided to do a little post on a bit of a mixed ensemble.
It may not necessarily match any time period or vintage trend, its just garments I wanted to mix together just for kicks haha. Its a black blouse with a roses print and a black skirt with a dragon print, and I paired them with my feather earrings! I had a little help from my brother Raudel today for the photo taking, a task I usually have to do on my own. Felt like a breeze just getting him to help me today! He is so hilarious and quite alright for a self taught spontaneous photographer! This was much of a quick fix today, but on serious times, my brother does take amazing pictures of nature and architecture! I should ask him to make a photography blog for himself :).

Also on a side note, my birthday will be this Thursday July 5th, 2012! I shall be turning 19. (Legal drinking age in Canada). I won't be doing much drinking though. I will be spending my birthday with family and just relaxing. My boyfriend has prepared a Skype date with me, he got me two gifts that arrived in the mail since last week, and he is making me wait until Thursday to open them! The unicorns are galloping in my blood just building up with anxiety to see them, as he says they are epic as hell! He wants to see me do zebra flips on cam and get all surprised when I open them hhaha. I even believe he will be recording it, so I will let you guys know if he posts a video on his channel. I'm quite excited ^_^. I shall certainly NOT be becoming more mature, I don't care how old I get I will always believe in faeries and elves and hobbits and dragons ^_^. And I will always be surprised about new things just like a little child. Cheers :)

Anywho! Here are some pictures of what we got! 

Vintage Dragon Print Skirt - Thrifted
Black Rose Print Off Shoulder Blouse - Gift 
Black Shiny Oxford Heels - Thrifted 
Feather Earrings - Gift

Haha my brother made me wink ^_^

Right in front of the door to my room! 

And here's the man who are it all possible! We Cubans walk around the house like that haha don't mind it. Thanks Raudel! [my older brother]

Thanks for stopping by!