Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Red Prairie Dress

Took out this little beauty today to wear because the day was dandy and sweet and I wanted to be all cheerful in red. Also got on my little ring -yang sphere necklace which actually makes a jingling sound! Hahah its quite magical. Not diggin' my bangs too much today, they have been persistently getting into my eyes! I can't wait till they grow back out, they have been fun, but I think they are in their annoying teen years now ahaha. I shouldn't talk, because I am still a teen. 

I am longing to take a long walk in the forest and sit on tree stomps and sing to the birds and squirrels in this dress, but I can't because I am busy completing projects and studying for a whole 2 weeks of exams coming up. Goodness gracious! I am scared, but I'm charging my brains with info and preparing to do my best on these! After that I am off to Ohio to see my boyfriend for a few days of vacation :)
I can't wait to see him, once this whole storm is over I get to go on magical forest walks with him and kiss and hold hands and all that fun stuff ^_^. Ohio woods are even more cool because they have little deers running around. Yaaay ^_^. Summer please grant me a safe and lovely trip! And grant all my wonderful readers a gorgeous week aswell :)

Peace and love!
-Ginela Gonzalez


  1. Hey lovely lady in red! Cute prairie dress, don't you love hidden pockets? Perfect for stashing little found forest treasures :) I hope you get that walk in the woods soon, until then good luck with your exams!

    1. Missa! Thank you kindly! Oh man it makes me so ever happy that you topped by my blog! And the exams good luck wish is very very much appreciated :) See you around epic lady!


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