Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Awesome shoes by the house mural!

Greetings everyone! I thought I'd show you a bit more of our humble townhouse today! So I decided to take some pics by our basement wall mural - a psychedelic tree that I painted with some of the Beatles' "Across the Universe" lyrics which are some of my favourite of all time. I've even got another tree mural in my room! Which, by the way is quite psychedelic. You can even see a video tour of my room that my boyfriend video shot and added to his awesome youtube channel. I shall post the link here. Trees are very precious to me, whenever I get the chance I paint them and draw them everywhere haha. They are the oldest survivors of this Earth and have seen its every change, and still are! Wouldn't mind being a tree in my next life ^_^.

 Video of my room by my boyfriend Ryan Demaree:

If you've got a spare moment do stop by his channel, he's got plenty of great things to see on there such as his art debate videos, live painting videos, and even his astronomy work. There's also a few videos there of his last visit up here in Canada with me. Check him out! 

Outfit-wise I am proud to say I have got myself a brand new pair of Forever 21's polka dot mary jane heels! I had my eyes on these from forums and pictures online for about a whole year now, Forever 21 wasn't selling them anymore, but just recently they have come back on stock! With ought a thought I ordered them right away, haha, before they become out of stock again. I must say they are a bit unbearable to walk in because I took them to school today and had some trouble walking on concrete getting there, nevertheless, they are a fun look and I did indeed receive many compliments on them. Gotta have a little high heel risk sometimes! Also wore one of my favourite dresses with them today, its my black and white abstract print dress with a prairie collar. This dress and I have been great buddies for over a year now, a thrifted treasure I must say :). Alrighty here go the pictures, I bid everyone a tasteful week and many adventures!

Black and white abstract pattern dress - Thrifted from Good Will
Red tights - Purchased long ago!
Black shiny belt - Thrifted from Talize
Black polka dot mary jane heels - Ordered from Forever 21.

Get your hands on a pair of those here!


  1. Ooh! Those shoes are lovely. I'm a total sucker for tall heels.

    And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! You're right - that outfit does sort of match my template. But then, I had just finished my template and was feeling super inspired when I got dresses, so I guess it's no wonder. Lol! :D

    1. Hahah that is awesome! Well its kind of a sweet match you got going on there m'dear! I dig the way you write too, its fun to read! :) I shall be stopping by yer blog quite often now! Cheers and good luck with everything! :)

    2. aw, yay! i'm a tree lover/hugger myself. i always find myself giving them affectionate pats when i walk past them. your shoes are super, super cute! worth the wait, i'd say. :) also - my goal in life is to have hair as long as yours!!

  2. Wow you are so kind! Trees should always be adored! I do bid you good luck with growing your hair! Its a fun ride ;). THank you kindly for stopping by!


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