Saturday, May 5, 2012

Been a While Gone, But I'm Back and Ready to Carry On!

Hey there! My my, its been a while since my last post, almost seemed like I wasn't going to return there for a moment! But no I don't want that to happen. I would like to give a little more to my blog this time around. :)

Anyhow, ready to hear my excuse for leaving quite so long? Exams. The most un-wonderful time of the year where each student must brace him/herself and hope for the best. Thankfully I survived my first year Music College exams. Came out winning with some, and with a secondary prize on others, but nevertheless I did all I could. But boy, busy I was. And though I longed to blog and post it simply would not happen. 

On another note, I got me an epic gift for my after exam break! My boyfriend Ryan Demaree came up to visit me from Ohio. Yaaay ^_^.
It is absolute bliss when he is here with me. So far we haven't gone anywhere special, but we soon plan on embarking on epic downtown adventures. For the time being, we have only gone on one of our favourite outings, going for a walk in the little woods outside my home.

Here are some of the pictures we took :)

I am wearing my new vintage long skirt that I purchased from good will, as well as my grandmother's old blouse.

 There he is!

While we were walking along this little forest stream and rocks, my painter boyfriend and I remembered Claude Monet's impressionist work within his painting Water Lilies. It really is incredible how the trees and sky reflects on the water, these pictures here are mere glimpses of it, but its all the more magical up close. We took a few pictures of this to share with you :)

This one is my favourite ^_^. He looks real good haha.

Gotta have some kisses here and there!

We also found some rare animal's jaw and face bones... we are still pondering about it. I wonder what animal it was!

Heading back home...

Return Journey kisses!

Forest outings are always a pleasant adventure :)

You can check out my boyfriend Ryan's art work on these websites:
Have yourself a look!

Fine Art America

Farewell for now! See you guys soon!


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