Sunday, May 20, 2012

A picknick in the Woods, with the boyfriend :)

Its the third week of my boyfriend's stay here in Canada with me on my school break, my boyfriend being from Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. He is soon to leave, but we can both say we've had a majestic little 3 weeks to for ourselves here in Ontario. Spring has brought us and just being near each other has brought us many great tidings and good luck! Some of our good luck has been my boyfriend selling one of his paintings to a customer in the U.S while he's been up here in Canada! Seems good luck always sprouts for him when he leaves town to see me haha. 

Since he's been here we've mostly kept to ourselves just enjoying each other's company, conversing, night    stargazing with his mini telescope that he brought up for us to see, and our favourite activity; going for walks in the woods. 

Today we decided to boost our epic walks in the woods by bringing our own home-made artifacts, our very own picnic! And that we did :) 
Here are some pics of our picnic adventure in the woods!

I bid you all a wonderful Spring and days drenched in happiness with whomever you love :)


  1. Nice dress! Love the tiny floral details! Sweet pictures :) I super hate it when my boy goes away, like so's nice that you get to see him again!

  2. So sweet, and gorgeous pics <3
    I hope you will be back to regular blogging soon:)


    Sophie xoxx

  3. My dear Sophie thank you kindly! I will definitely! Going to make a post tonight :)
    Good luck to you my dear blogger!

    And thank you for your comment as well Miss Chezka!


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