Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An older outfit brought back to life, with bangs.

I picked this outfit out for school today feeling the need to cover my legs from the slight cold breezes of a rainy summer day. And later coming home from school I was scrambling through pictures and found an earlier photo shoot I had done of this very outfit since May! I had meant to post it but never did, so today I shall put it up! The only new addition to the outfit is that my hair has now front bangs, and believe it or not, I think gives a different quality to the whole ensemble. I kinda miss my rockstar no-bangs hair before, I could easily run my hands through my hair and push it back and do hair flips without having to worry about these funny little bangs standing on end and flopping around on my head haha. They are soon due to fade in length with the rest of my hair, I am growing them out. For now I will still enjoy them while I have them, they add to some outfits what they don't add to others. How do you feel about hair bangs and certain outfits? Let me know in a comment! 

Floral dress - Le Chateau
Pale purple under shirt - gift from grandmother
Brown boots - Global Shoes
White shell necklace - gift



Great talking to you folks! Have a lovely week! 
Peace and love
- Ginela 

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