Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Down in Ohio with the Boyfriend

Hello my dear blogger buddies! 
You have come across the laziest blogger ever, I owe you all some posts, I haven't composed any posts 
in ever so long!

 I shall deliver my lame excuses: two weeks ago I was finishing the very few last of my 10 or so music college exams, and when I was finished I packed up and went to visit my boyfriend Ryan Demaree and his family in Columbus, Ohio U.S.A. I have been down here in Ohio for the past week. My boyfriend and I have been relaxing, going on walks, taking many videos of nature as well as hanging out with his family. Yesterday my boyfriend's sister Lindsey, her buddy Trey, and my boyfriend and I all visited the  Ohio Renaissance Festival! I will be posting some pictures of my boyfriend and I's costumes here within the net few days, unfortunately we did not take that many pictures at the fair this year due to much rain throughout the day. 

I do love it here in Ohio. There's nothing like the sweet corn countryside, cricket symphonies at night, dozens on butterflies during the day, and some of the most majestic sunsets. It is very calm and peaceful indeed down here. Most of all, I am loving the hours I get to spend with my boyfriend, which have thankfully gone by so slow. This visit to Ohio has marked our 2nd year of being together in our lasting long distance relationship. He gives me all the hugs I need and teaches me the most wonderful things about astronomy and painting. A fine 2 week vacation indeed, in the arms of my man ^_^.

We've been watching many space movies! 4 of the best science fictions movie I will ever see!
I do recommend them if you have some spare film time!

These are the ones we've been watching:

Contact (1997):

Mission to Mars (2000):

2001 A Space Odyssey (1968):

2010 The Year We Make Contact (1984):

Well that is it for now folks! 
Some outfit posts are soon to come. 
May you all have some relaxing days and a wonderful summer ending!
Peace & Love

Ginela & Ryan Demaree


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