Monday, September 10, 2012

Epic Outings While in Ohio!

Hello everyone! As I had mentioned, I had promised some pictures of some of my time in Columbus, Ohio U.S.A with my boyfriend Ryan Demaree where I had been for the last past 2 weeks on vacation. Honest, many of our days we had our plate full with our own projects to work on  as swell as many outings with Ryan's family, so I apologize we weren't able to get very many pictures together. 

However, we managed to capture some shots of a visit to downtown Columbus's parliament building - the Ohio State House - a magnificent large stone building with American history all over it that my boyfriend's wonderful grandparents John and Bridget took us to. I was very happy to get to explore the building with them that day, it was beautifully made with truly unique old stone interiors with intricate design! Here is the very front of the Ohio State House:

As you can see this part of the building had a majestic sunroof, and it was intense in real life compared to the image below, it makes me wonder how on earth the builders got the guts to craft such beauty at such a height!

The following shot is of an oil painting, that is by misfortune a bit blurry, but its a famous piece by William Powell named "Perry's Victory"completed in 1865. The painting could take up the space of at least two of the walls in my house today, it was immense with the most thickest frame, we wondered how they managed to keep it up on the wall! I wonder if my boyfriend would somehow like to work on  a painting project of that large size? 

There you see me! I am standing over a huge granite floor map of the state of Ohio. Its fantastically made. It made me feel like I could just hop from county to county in seconds :P

The Ohio State House was breathtaking, but not as much I think as the next part of the trip my boyfriend's grandparents had planned out for us. Knowing that Ryan and I are art history enthusiasts and very much appreciate the Impressionist period, the grandparents took us to see a park downtown named "Deaf School Park" where a famous garden grows mimicking the positions of all the persons & scenery in this famous impressionist painting by Georges Seurat named "A Sunday Afternoon in the Park".

You wouldn't believe it, but they actually did it! They brought the painting to life using living shrubbery fastened around metal structures! It grows all year. I thought this was incredibly neat, really enjoyed myself there. Just makes me think of the wonderful things human beings can put their minds to and achieve. If you're ever downtown Ohio I encourage you to stop by! My boyfriend's grandparents really surprised us with this. I was so happy to walk about and see all this.

There were also some fabulous pink water lilies hanging out on the pond by the park. They were looking like gorgeous fine ladies and were screaming for attention, so we gave them some :)

And of course, if you look up to the sky, there are always beautiful cloud displays for free in the Ohio sky, so my boyfriend looked up and took a picture of this one :)

 A second most wonderful outing my boyfriend and I got to experience was getting to visit the Ohio Renaissance Fair for the second time! As we did around the same time last year, my boyfriend and I made sure to dress up in whatever we could find renaissance-like. I must say we looked quite dashing as a couple ;). Ryan wore a black on black ensemble with a loose waist belt and a top hat, which I think he looks super handsome in ^_^. And I wore a white droopy dress with my black corset and a flower crown which I had put together from red plastic roses that very same day. Ryan's little sister Lindsey drove us there and back with her friend Very along on the ride. She is quite a professional driver I must say! I was so happy she volunteered to take us to the Fair, I didn't want to miss it for the world.
Thank you Lindsey!

Well what can I say folks, if you've never been to a Renaissance Fair - type event for yourself, I really recommend them. They are absolutely hilarious and colourful and tons of epic crazy people willing to go all out with period outfits and accents. There is a jousting competition, a historical dungeon, gypsy belly dancers, singing wenches, giant pretzels sold on sticks, sword shops, musicians, fairy shops, and just about anything you can think of! Just loads of fun ^_^. 

Here are some pictures of how my boyfriend and I dressed and a few pictures of me picking corn from a field on our way to the Fair. As a corn-lover I had to make sure I picked an authentic Ohio corn :D
Anyhow, have yourself a look! And then if you want head over to my boyfriend's youtube channel for a brief video of what its like at the Renaissance Fair! We got footage of a gypsy dancing balancing a full cup of beer on her head! Its quite the entertainment. Have a look HERE!

 Hope you've had a lovely summer as well everyone! Now its back to school for me.
Only 2 weeks of summer vacation was unforgettable in the arms of my boyfriend, who is as awesome as it gets. I will be following this post up with another one of me and him soon.

Cheers! Have a great week everyone :)

Peace & Love 
• Ginela •

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