Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All corduroy'd up!

Today I decided to wear my two recent corduroy pieces and make them mate and produce the offspring of my outfit! Got out my pale salmon corduroy pants, and my green corduroy blazer and threw them together with a striped tank top. Quite proud to say I may have thrifted this whole ensemble! Without the shoes that is. Wow what a lovely money saver that is! I think I have begun to enjoy corduroy a bit more, going to keep my eyes peeled for it more often when I head to the shops. Such a cozy material for the winter! ^_^ yaay. Cheers, that's all I got today.
Have a lovely end to your week everyone!

Much love,

Pale salmon corduroy pants: Thrifted from Talize
Striped tank top: Thrifted from Good Will
Green corduroy blazer: Thrifted from Good Will
Brown wedge boots: Purchased from Global Shoes
Derby hat: Purchased from Big it Up

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