Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Helpful Purchases!

I made two great purchases today that will be helping me much for the next two years in school and with outside gigs.

After class today, I headed out to the complex world of Square One, here in Mississauga in search for a back pack capable of great things: be it holding my heavy macbook, lunch items, text books, and other important lady things, the bag just had to be right and strong. Thankfully I found a fair match.

This was she:
A magenta and navy polkadot back pack by Powder Room.

I was also in need of purchasing a new professional microphone for myself which I will be needing for a gig I am going to be singing in the this Friday 27. A friend from Metalworks suggested getting the SM58 mic by Shure saying it was very durable, professional gear. Tis a bit costly, but I will need it much in the future as I have just joined a new rock n' roll band with some friends. I will post about my outfit for the gig here on my blog soon, and perhaps some pictures from the gig as well! Some video footage would be nice. I'm going to enjoy singing some Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and The Who, so of course, I'm extremely excited and honoured to be playing my very talented buddies. More on that will come here soon. Here is my new mic :)

 I shall call him Soundwavelius and he shall be my new buddy for years to come! ^_^ yaaay.

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