Friday, January 13, 2012

A note on my boyfriend and I

"Abstract Surrealism" by Ryan Demaree

Good afternoon! Just to update a little more about myself I thought I would make a little post on someone special and essential in my life, that being my boyfriend. The story of how we met, and how we are is a little unbelievable, and even concerning to some people, but we are in love and making things work.

About a year and a bit ago in August of 2010, I was surfing, a website where many of my Art Major buddies from high school would go to post their artwork. I often used to browse through that site in hopes of finding art similar to the traditional Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte styles, pieces of surrealism, abstract and trippy concepts were what stood out the most to me. Until one day, I stumbled upon the art work of a guy named Ryan Demaree whom happened to have the most incredible artwork. And so it went, I commented, he commented back, and before I knew it we decided to enrol ourselves in an online relationship.

And so it goes, a whole year has flashed before us and we're still going strong! By now we have both come to visit each other, me living in Toronto, Canada, and him living in Columbus Ohio, USA. We have met and spent much time with each other's families, who have been so supportive of us despite the odd medium of how we met and who continue to be there for us with love and well wishes. We couldn't have done this without them. And soon we are to be planning his next visit up here with me in Canada! 

I honestly couldn't thank the universe enough for a man like him. We are the closest despite us being 500 miles apart. Having the same kind of interests in music, art, and growing interests in science and astronomy, we are a couple that continuously learn from each other and stay strong for each other until we can be together next. And of course having a boyfriend that paints incredible pieces all the time is the most exciting thing ever. We really hope to be nearer to each other in the future, and we are both trying to make a successful career from our art forms in a time where popular art and music are mass-liked and traditional art and more classic rock music aren't as appreciated and remembered by the masses. Still we have a pretty strong plan with each other and love to last us a long while.

Here are a few of the websites he participates in, as well as his youtube page:
Do have a look! He is amazing, I promise.

Without further ado here's my darling Ryan, his sister Lindsey, and I at the Columbus, Ohio Renaissance Fair in back in September, 2011

And that's all for now ladies and gents! Have yourself a gorgeous day. 
Talk to you soon!

~ • Ginela • ~

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