Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Blue

aHey there everyone! I hope you've all had a wonderful January and a great start to February, now with Valentine's day galloping its way towards us! These days I've been so ever busy with school work at my college - Metalworks Institute. Been prepping for tests, and I'm now about to be the singer for two bands! Nevertheless, if college is what I asked for then its what I got, and I love it quite so.

I was in the need of a fun winter coat, not really out of dire need, but just a fun one that would fit my frivolous wonders, and one just so happened to be for sale at Urban Behaviour, and it ended up costing me about 15$! So it went, I befriended this blue winter coat and now it shall be one of my musings! I hardly ever go into Urban Behaviour, and I hardly ever enjoy walking through the mall, but the deal was present and so was I, haha. 

Anyhow, I decided to wear it with my blue strapless dress, which I've owned since grade 8! Funny story actually; I bought that dress downtown Toronto one fine day in grade 8, now keep in mind, at the time my breasts were smaller and the dress complied and fit great! As the years passed by I could not wear it through all of high school because my breasts had developed more full and the top half of the dress simply would not make room for them haha. Thankfully with the help of some thin inner will, I lost some weight a few months after finishing high school and found my breasts had reduced their size significantly, thus making me dig out the dress and trying it on again. Horray! Back on it fit :)

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