Thursday, February 23, 2012

New finds, good willing indeed

Hey there! It was a bit of a short day at school today. As I was heading out to head back home I got this sudden impulse to stop by the Good Will thrift store and see what new garments had arrived, with a little time to spare and a little money left I figured, why not? So it went as it is whenever I go there. Turned out with me trying over 20 dresses, sunglasses, blazers, shoes, checking out the vinyl records section, and galloping all over the store like a little child in a candy shop. Hours later, lets just say about 3, I finally decided on which valuable garments to take home with me, which are by the way, quite a lot. I shall be posting a few of my finds here within the next few days! Among them are this white blouse and orange   skirt, which I thought ought to be married over my body, haha.
Anyhow, happy thrifting and living whatever hours you can enjoy surrounded by frivolous things!

White solar blouse - Thrifted from Good Will
Orange waist skirt - Thrifted from Good Will
Beige rose ankle strap heels -  Sacha London

Farewell till next time!


  1. Ohh, your skirt truly looks amazing on you! <3 I love love love the colour!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  2. Wow thank you kindly Jo! Yaay Im super happy that you decided to stop by my blog! That skirt was a lucky find haha. You may borrow it whenever you like if you stop by Canada! haha. I shall go and check out your blog now an follow!
    Thanks again!



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