Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Boyfriend's Artwork!

 The great abstract/surrealist painter of my generation Ryan Demaree, my boyfriend has made some incredible pieces recently. He has been very inspired by apes and evolution lately and has come up with a series of paintings involving these. He's also very inspired by the film The Truman Show and thus often includes apes with an opening via to an exterior world, much like Truman's escape from his realized live broadcasted TV Show. This live broadcast idea has really been a kicker in my boyfriends pieces lately, and he doesn't want to cease his new trend yet. He's been making some really fantastic work. Recently he's been reading up on the lives and techniques of Vincent Van Gogh as well as Rene Magritte's ability to make unrelated objects in seem familiar in a scene. Thus he most recently painted the piece "Contemplative Stupor". Here I'll list his paintings in order with the ape figure as a keen trend. Let me know what you guys think about it! Remember, any links to my boyfriends's accessible websites are posted on my side bar on the left. 
Let me know also if you have any questions about him! 
I'm a pretty lucky girl ;)

"Understanding Time" - by Ryan Demaree

"Species Differentiation - Darwinian Broadcast"- by Ryan Demaree

"Cosmic Broadcast [Last Transmission]" - by Ryan Demaree

"Behind the Scenes [Morning Broadcast]" - by Ryan Demaree

"Solar Broadcast [Transition]" - by Ryan Demare

"Contemplative Stupor" - by Ryan Demaree

Thats it for the ape figures so far! That last one he just completed a few days ago. You can see he is working with the exploitation and light and colour and impressionist -like paint strokes he has most recently been turned on by. I really dig that my boyfriend can tap into painters and styles from the past such as surrealism, cubism, impressionism and abstraction and teach me about the lives of painters he's learned about and their importance and stance in the timeline of visual art. And its totally wonderful how he's always developing his artwork even further and sharing it all with me ^_^.

You can see here some of the inspiration he's been drawing in:

The Truman Show escape:

(most recently) Vincent Van Gogh's impressionist technique

Let me know what you guys think and if you dig my man's work!
Cheers, see you around! :)

Love, Ginela 


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  2. Oh my god these are amazing paintings! I just find something so surreal about them, like a Darren Aronofsky movie! I love the one with the gorilla~
    - Che


  3. Oh my goodness...this artwork is just stunning!
    Your boyfriend is amazingly talented!

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  4. Wow ur boyfriend is definitely talented! Youre so luck to have him. These are amazing works!

    Xo, Carla

  5. Wow! These are wonderful pieces of artwork! He's a very talented fella! xx


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