Tuesday, July 3, 2012

With A Little Help From My Brother

Greetings to my three followers! Haha. Today I decided to do a little post on a bit of a mixed ensemble.
It may not necessarily match any time period or vintage trend, its just garments I wanted to mix together just for kicks haha. Its a black blouse with a roses print and a black skirt with a dragon print, and I paired them with my feather earrings! I had a little help from my brother Raudel today for the photo taking, a task I usually have to do on my own. Felt like a breeze just getting him to help me today! He is so hilarious and quite alright for a self taught spontaneous photographer! This was much of a quick fix today, but on serious times, my brother does take amazing pictures of nature and architecture! I should ask him to make a photography blog for himself :).

Also on a side note, my birthday will be this Thursday July 5th, 2012! I shall be turning 19. (Legal drinking age in Canada). I won't be doing much drinking though. I will be spending my birthday with family and just relaxing. My boyfriend has prepared a Skype date with me, he got me two gifts that arrived in the mail since last week, and he is making me wait until Thursday to open them! The unicorns are galloping in my blood just building up with anxiety to see them, as he says they are epic as hell! He wants to see me do zebra flips on cam and get all surprised when I open them hhaha. I even believe he will be recording it, so I will let you guys know if he posts a video on his channel. I'm quite excited ^_^. I shall certainly NOT be becoming more mature, I don't care how old I get I will always believe in faeries and elves and hobbits and dragons ^_^. And I will always be surprised about new things just like a little child. Cheers :)

Anywho! Here are some pictures of what we got! 

Vintage Dragon Print Skirt - Thrifted
Black Rose Print Off Shoulder Blouse - Gift 
Black Shiny Oxford Heels - Thrifted 
Feather Earrings - Gift

Haha my brother made me wink ^_^

Right in front of the door to my room! 

And here's the man who are it all possible! We Cubans walk around the house like that haha don't mind it. Thanks Raudel! [my older brother]

Thanks for stopping by!

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