Monday, July 16, 2012

White Lace, you are my darling friend

Greetings there! I have done something really buthead -ish. A few days ago I let my tiny point and shoot camera drop down a few flights of stairs. The lens are completely messed up, I stole their ability to do anything. Poor little thing. How could I be so clumsy? Always been though, haha. Anyways, it happens. I've tried many many times to fix it, but I regret to say, its little lens life has ended.

Nevertheless, one has to make do with what one has! So I have turned to my trusty macbook and it will be taking my pictures for the next few months in till I can get another camera. Who knows when that will be, kind of a broke-ass musician right here :P. But until that glorious day until I can have some form of fair enough quality pictures, I will have to do with this webcam. Sorry if its painful for you guys :(

How's your life been by the way? Mine's been pretty opportune, disappointing and beautiful all at once, just how life likes to be. My most recent endeavour is I've entered a small Idol contest at our local Boston Pizza, which I will performing at every Tuesday for the summer, (that's if I make it to the very end without elimination). The grand prize is a total of 5000$ which is a fine number if I say so myself, as well as some recording time at my college/studio - Metalworks Institute. I have been lucky to have made it to the top 30 contestants, and as of tomorrow they will have eliminated 10 more. I would really like to win this. I sang "Try" by Janis Joplin for my audition, and the whole restaurant crowd really enjoyed themselves. Gotta love that Janis Joplin, man I loveeee that woman. She gave it all to music lovin' and just lovin' in general :) haha. 

I will be striking them with some excellent older Classic Rock and Blues and Motown songs soon. So what do you think? Perhaps you can shoot a little luck my way? Here's the event Facebook page below:

Other than that, the summer is passing me by. Wonderful flowers blooming everywhere, flirting with wasps, and I'm stuck in school flirting with 70% useful information haha. Yup, that's right folks, I'm enrolled in a year-round collage program that lends me no summer break at all. Darn musician knowledge thirst!

Today I wore my handy dandy white lace dress I purchased some time ago. I also have that peculiar little marble necklace with the ying-yangs. I'ts got a tiny cow bell inside and jingles everywhere haha.

White lace dress - Purchase from Costa Blanca
Patent black leather oxford heels - Thrifted from Good Will
Necklace - Gift 


  1. That lace dress is just lovely. The pleats are so pretty and the color is spot-on!

  2. that dress is really pretty! lovely pictures x


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